Polyurethane is a polymeric material containing a variety of group of urethane (-NH-CO-O-)

which is produced from the reaction between the polyol and isocyanates. The most common method for grouping polyurethane is according to its hardness.

The figure below shows the level polyurethane
hardness compared to other materials.

Polyurethane is also superior to other similar materials due to having advantages on many properties

Product Segmentation

Polyurethane is unique material that offers elasticity of rubber
combined with the toughness and durability of metal.

It is possible to replace rubber, plastic and metal with the ultimate advantage of polyurethane. We always strive to deliver the best utilization of polyurethane for all your needs, as we own the technology and facilities to custom-tailor many polyurethane-based components and spare parts. This product segmentation is served solely to hear all our costumers requests’ for quality product.