Automotive Industry

Jigs, Bearings, Hangers, Bushes, Flexible Couplings, Shock Damper and Bushing

Automotive industry is one of the largest in Indonesia. As the main pillar in the country’s manufacturing sector, this industry is constantly on the rise. In this industry, polyurethane has been used as a material for jigs, bearings, hangers, bushes, flexible couplings, shock damper and bushing.

Building & Construction

Concrete Molds, Gate Seals and Concrete Pump Parts

Indonesian building and construction industry are still preparing to face the globalization and free trade. Polyurethane has been utilized in this industry as a material for the making of concrete molds, gate seals and concrete pump parts.

Engineered Components

Gears, Sprockets, Wire Guides, Couplings, Cutting Belts and Seal & Gaskets

Larger machines will not function properly without high quality smaller compo- nent. That is why engineered components are such important materials. Polyure- thane has been used in the making of engineered components, such as gears, sprockets, wire guides, couplings, cutting belts and seal & gaskets.

Pulp & Paper

Hydro Cyclones, Board Rollers, Spool Rolls, Worm Rolls, Wire Rolls, Felt Rolls, Applicator Rolls, Nip Rollers, Touch Rolls, Anvils, Suction Box, Tee Connection, Die Cut and Doctor Blades

Indonesia is a prominent actor in global pulp & paper industry, as Indonesia is in top 10 manufacturers of pulp & paper in the world. Polyurethane & Rubber has been widely utilized in this industry as material for hydro cyclones, board rollers, spool rolls, worm rolls, wire rolls, felt rolls, applicator rolls, nip rollers, touch rolls, anvils, suction box, tee connection, die cut, and doctor blades.

Metal & Piping

Rollers, Casing and Tubing

Metal & piping industry in Indonesia is crucial in supporting oil and gas drilling industry. The use of polyurethane in this industry is as a material for industrial rollers, casing and tubing.

Energy, Oil, Gas & Mining

Scraper Blades, Buckets, Liners, Conveyor Rollers, Impellers, Pump Linings, Grading Screens, Tumblers, Pipeline Pigs, Bushings, Hydro Cyclones, Telescopic Hoppers and Subsea Equipment

Indonesia has a long history in energy industry, including oil, gas, and mining. Polyurethane has a wide utilization in this industry as a material for scraper blades, buckets, liners, conveyor rollers, impellers, pump linings, grading screens, tumblers, pipeline pigs, bushings, hydro cyclones, telescopic hoppers and subsea equipment.

Heavy-duty Applications

Heavy-duty Wheels, Coupling and Bushing

Heavy-duty industry is crucial for other industries, such as mining and construction. One of the uses of polyurethane in this industry is as a material for heavy-duty wheels, coupling and bushing.

Others Application

Chute Lining, Grain Buckets, Forklift Tyre, Heavy-duty Caster Wheels & Escalator Wheels

Polyurethane is also utilized in other industries, as a material to make a wide array of components such as for making chute lining and grain buckets in food industry; forklift tyre, heavy-duty caster wheels and escalator wheels in wheel and tyre industry.